Community Food Drives

Hunger robs humanity of dignity and reduces productivity. We provide food support to fight hunger in grassroots communities. Do you know more people who can help us do this?

Our Team

We have a close-knit family made up of passionate staff, volunteers, and community helpers. Together, we apply ourselves to ensure that the work we do has a real impact on the lives of people. We partner with like-minded groups. There is a lot of work to be and we do believe it takes a village.

Our History

Looking at the worsening statistics among the underserved 70% of our population, we saw the need to bring vigorous action to grassroots communities who suffer the most. We continue to work hard to strengthen our infrastructure and to increase impact.

Our Mission

We focus on providing food solutions to hungry and vulnerable people living in under-served communities. We work with the communities to help them become ecosystems that can sustain human lives, while paying attention to the protection of the rights of beneficiaries.

Food for Education Program

We have run this as a free school-feeding program in public primary schools across three communities in Lagos since 2012. While it has evolved to a food rations program for families delivered through school students, our intent is the same-Hunger blunts intellect; feed the child to keep the child in school.

Help Communities Grow

We want to support our communities to develop in a holistic way that creates equity for all and enshrines a sense of shared responsibility. Conducting this using a multi-level approach will provide a stronger foundation to help us achieve our goals. Think you can help? Get in touch today for more information!